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News: “Change is always great” Cassie Stokes weighs in on the new Xpose team

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News: Glenda Gilson prepares for motherhood by hanging out with Karen Koster’s baby Eve

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Fashion: Glenda Gilson shows us another way to wear cute Topshop pinafore dress at 7 months pregnant

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News: Glenda Gilson and husband Rob MacNaughton enjoy Spanish holiday

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News: “It’s like I’m 13 again, I look in the mirror and go ‘I can’t wear that'” Glenda Gilson on dressing the bump

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News: Glenda Gilson shares snap of baby bump at six months

Glenda Gilson  pictured launching  Virgin Media’s Drive-In cinema: Brian McEvoy

Exclusive: Glenda Gilson opens up about maternity leave and her Xposé replacement

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Exclusive: “I’ve had it so tough but I’m enjoying this stage” Glenda Gilson on pregnancy journey

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Exclusive: Glenda Gilson reveals she thought her pregnancy was ‘just nerves’ about starting new job

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Fashion: Stylish and pregnant: Here’s where to shop for our favourite celebs’ maternity dresses