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Five mistakes that are making your skin super dry

We know the problems, and how to fix them!


As we start to leave the super cold months and start our preparation for summer, we start to notice more and more how our skin has faded into a dull, rough mask. Dry skin patches become more noticeable on our cheeks and arms, and makeup seems to look cakey instead of dewy. It’s here that the telling signs of winter on skin become obvious.

If you have skin that easily becomes flaky, tight feeling, or even rough, this is likely from dry skin. When you have dry skin, you have to think about skincare a little differently. Things like physical exfoliants, alcohol, and foaming cleanser can make flaky skin even worse.

Here’s a list of daily habits that could be contributing to your dry skin:

1. Using a soapy or acne-fighting cleanser.

The number-one thing that could be causing your skin to dry out, is your face wash. Beware of foamy and soapy cleansers, which can strip the skin of your natural oils. There are some cleansers which are fine for normal-to-oily skin types, but if used by those with dry skin, it can be too harsh. Le Mieux Peptide Foam Cleanser €50 gently foams away make-up and other surface impurities and promotes moisture retention. Age-defying peptides promote elasticity, firmness, and a healthy glow. Peptides applied topically to the skin can send a signal to collagen to prompt the formation of new collagen, and gives you the appearance of more youthful, supple skin.


2. Turning up the heat in the shower.

Although a super-hot and steamy shower can feel relaxing, it can be troublesome if you have itchy, dry skin. Hot water temperatures will leech skin of oils and lead to dry skin. The best thing is to keep your water at a warm-to-tepid temperature. Combine your shower with a luxurious body wash such as the Lycon Tee Tree Total €15. This tea tree oil infused body wash helps minimise blemishes, prevents ingrown hairs and blocked pores. A mornings wake me up!

Lycon Tea-TreeTotal Wash €
3. Applying your skincare products in the wrong order.

Getting more moisture is only half the battle with dry skin. You also want to use products that lock in the hydration. So, layering is key. After cleansing, apply a moisturizing serum then immediately top it with a good quality body lotion such as the Lycon Hand and Body Lotion €19.95 This fast absorbing lotion is specially formulated with vitamin B5 and vitamin E effectively minimising visible signs of aging, nurturing and protecting the skin whilst keeping your skin moisturised for longer periods of time. The Lycon Coconut and Vanilla will create a stronger water barrier, help to seal in hydration and may be more suitable for an overnight treatment with a summery and tropical scent.


4. Using scrubbing exfoliants.

Exfoliants that have microbeads (which are banned in the USA) are not the only way to get rid of flaky, dead skin. In fact, over-scrubbing can be harsh on delicate, dry skin types. Le Mieux Vita Clear Skin Pads €55 features glycolic acid, powerful antioxidants, and the most stable form of Vitamin C (MAP) to gently exfoliate, smooth out fine lines, minimize hyperpigmentation, and brighten skin. This gentle micro-peel exfoliates and prepares your skin for faster and more effective results. Natural Vitamin C helps brighten skin for an illuminating glow.

VitaC Clear Skin Pad
5. Buying skincare products with alcohol as a primary ingredient.

Alcohol is also on the list of no-nos for sensitive and dry skin types. That is because the harsh ingredient steals moisture away from your skin. Alcohol-based products are really good at cutting through oils and can disrupt the skin barrier, this leads to even more dry skin. We can use a natural ingredients mask like the Le Mieux Shea Mask. This deep conditioning cream mask binds moisture to prevent water loss, dryness, and roughness while improving elasticity. A nourishing blend of soothing oils, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter provides intensive, long-lasting hydration for even the driest skin. infused with Hyaluronic Acid, which naturally occurs in the human dermis, this mask contains excellent moisture binding capabilities to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, dryness and roughness, while improving elasticity. A rejuvenating and hydrating mask recommended for dry, damaged and mature skin.

Le Mieux Hyulornic Shea Butter

Le Miuex Products are available from Neelu beauty Salon in 25 Liffey Street, Dublin. Ph: (01) 878 8132

Lycon products are available nationwide and from

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