Dami Hope has revealed his biggest regret from the Love Island villa


This year’s Love Island contestants are enjoying life outside of the villa, since the show ended a few weeks ago. But now they’ve finally had a chance to see themselves on screen, most islanders are looking back and cringing, including Wicklow man Dami Hope.

Dami, along with his girlfriend Indiyah Polack, are sharing their biggest regrets from their time on Love Island, and nope it has nothing to do with Casa Amor but it is related to another challenge.

Seeming to allude to the Casa Amor drama, he told Grazia: “I don’t regret anything. The thing is, I don’t really go through life regretting things I’ve done. I did it with my chest when I did it so.”

“But obviously like you do those things, you come out stronger and better, it puts things in perspective for you.”


While Indiyah agreed, saying: “I feel like you shouldn’t have regrets in life because anything you did in that moment, you wanted to do it.”

However, there was one moment from the show which he doesn’t look back on fondly. Explaining how his performance during the talent show wasn’t up to his usual standard, after the producers gave him some directions.

Confessing: “The only thing I probably regret is when we did that talent show. Those bars. That rap. That was not me, man. Honestly, I had to, they told me to PG that that stuff down like it was not me.”

“And I want to make a declaration. I can spit.”

And Indiyah had to agree again, saying: “I’d be a bad girlfriend if I said the rap was good.”

With Dami replying: “I knew wasn’t good. Anyway, it’s cool.”


Dami and Indiyah having been going strong since the end of the show, and are set to take a massive step, as Dami is preparing to move to Indiyah home city of London.

Revealing the news during an Instagram Q&A, the fashion model shared how far a long Dami is with the move, saying he already has a plane ticket booked.

As she wrote: “He literally booked a no return flight so, he’s pretty ready”

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