Anna Saccone faces backlash for pic of her son in a dress

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Anna Saccone has received negative comments on her Instagram page after she posted a photo of her son in a dress.

The youtuber who runs popular account The Saccone Jolys with her husband and four kids, took to Instagram to share a snap of her two eldest children.

In the photo, Emilia and Eduardo are having a giggle while playing in princess dresses.

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“Sharing secrets in their dresses!” Anna said in the caption.

She added: “Rubies dresses are for children for all occasions; even everyday ones! If it were up to these two, they would probably both wear theirs all day every day!”

A handful of Anna’s one million followers took issue with the fact that Eduardo, her four-year-old son, was wearing a dress.

“You have a boy! BOY!!! In his future it will be a biiig problem. There are many example in the world. A boy must be a heroe but not a princess” one person said.

Another added: “Each to their own I believe, however he’s a boy and I wouldn’t encourage my little boy to wear a dress as I’m very old fashioned and I do believe that a dress is for a girl not a boy as you never see a boy wearing a dress in a magazine to sell it do you! Nothing against it at all but you’ve got to ask yourself if it was the right thing then you would see a boy in a dress in adverts but you don’t! But I think Anna has balls to not give a damn what people think which is great!” another person added.

A third person claimed that the little boy wearing a dress could mean that he ‘ends up gay’.

“Guess it’s good Eduardo gets to wear a dress but I think it good confuse him in the future. Don’t be surprised if he ends up gay or wants to change his gender,” they said.

Despite some backlash, many of Anna’s loyal followers took to the comments to defend her decision to let her son wear a dress.

“Some of the comments are ridiculous,” one person said. “If you look closely in the picture you’ll see a brother and a sister having fun and playing together. Children don’t divide toys according to gender they play with all toys that are interested and fun to them!”

Others praised her ‘strong’ decision not to let her son’s gender define what he wears.

“Takes a strong mother to post their little boy wearing a dress for the whole world to see. I think it’s great that you don’t try to steer him away from it “because he’s a boy,” one said.

Another added: “This is super cute. good on you for letting your little ones wear what they like! The kiddos in my pre-school class love when we put new princess dresses in there,”

Many others thanked her for setting a positive example.

“Thank you so much Anna for using your social media influence to CRUSH gender roles with grace as well as celebrating your kids for just being kids” one said.

Anna has not yet responded to any of the comments.

What do you make of Anna’s decision.

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