Xpose presenters reveal their favourite interviews of all time!

Hint: one is Beyonce!

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Xpose is undergoing a change at the moment, with their new format being put in place and a change-up with their presenters happening.

Three Xpose favourites Lisa Cannon, Peter O’Riordan and Aisling O’Laughlin will no longer be on the panel at the show, and the programme’s structure is being altered too.

Presenter Cassie Stokes exclusively told VIP Magazine that the TV3 show will be returning to its original 30 minute slot, and it will be much more entertainment based than before.

“It’s going to half an hour, it’s going to be really quick and fast paced. By the time people get home they know what’s going on, but we wan’t to give them that and so much more.

“We’re really trying to get all that in, so less fashion and less beauty and more entertainment, and also more exciting things that are happening around Ireland like openings and stuff like that, so it’s very exciting,” she said.

Cassie told us about the changes happening at Xpose
Cassie told us about the changes happening at Xpose

This new entertainment-focused format got us thinking about some of our fave Xpose interviews of all time, so we decided to ask presenters Glenda Gilson, Karen Koster and Cassie Stokes who their favourite interviewees have been.

Karen, who will return to Xpose tomorrow for the first time since having her second son JJ, said that her ultimate favourite interviewee would have to be Beyonce because- well it’s Beyonce!

“Probably Beyonce because she goes around with an aura around her and you do actually feel like bowing when you see her. Even though she’s younger than me I was just like oh my God you’re a queen,” she said.

Glenda, who is delighted that entertainment is coming to the forefront of the show again, said that older Hollywood actors have been her top interviewees, because they’re up for the chat.

Karen and Glenda snapping a selfie at the TV3 launch last week. PIC: VIP Ireland
Karen and Glenda snapping a selfie at the TV3 schedule launch last week. PIC: VIP Ireland

“All the older, fantastic actors, like your Al Pacino’s and Dustin Hoffman’s all those.

“One of my favourites was Michael Douglas a couple of years ago. I met him and I said Michael ‘can I talk to you’ and he said ‘yes, I’m doing a job and you’re doing a job. Walk with me!'”

Cassie Stokes’ choice was easy. She chose Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig because she had such a laugh with the star. She really lived up to Cassie’s expectations.

“Hands down Kristen Wiig! She was amazing.

“People had told me not to have my expectations too high because she’s apparently not as funny in real life when you meet her, because she’s an actress, so she can be funny on screen and she’s a comedian, but her sense of humor isn’t in your face.

“I just had the best time with her. We laughed about Irish sayings, and I had studied improv where she had studied too so I said that,” she said.

We can't wait to see these ladies in action together! PIC: VIP Ireland
We can’t wait to see these ladies in action together! PIC: VIP Ireland

There you have it folks, we can’t wait to see what series ten of Xpose has in store for us!


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