My VIP Loves: Xposé host Cassie Stokes talks us through some of her favourite photos

... And why they mean so much to her!

My VIP Loves sees our favourite celebrities share significant moments in their life through a series of photographs.

This time, Xpose host Cassie Stokes gives us a sweet insight into her busy life.

From family, friends and pets to exciting work moments, here’s what Cassie got up to!


“My dogs Fynn and Beau are literally my favourite things, they always make me smile!”


“I had so much fun at this year’s VIP Style Awards, we film the whole show for Xposé, so it’s a lot of work but even more fun. I loved what I wore, it was like a fancy pair of PJ’s!”


“This is my screensaver on my phone, it’s my favourite 93-year-old. My grandma, Anna May. I’m so, so lucky I got to have so long with her. At least they’re together again and now we’ve got two robins in our garden, I’m convinced it’s them!”




“I love this photo! After my grandma passed away in May I was looking through old pics and saw this one, if you look closely you can see me (the chubby curly-haired kid) with my arm around my grandma. It just perfectly encapsulates our relationship.”



“This was Kathleen’s first time in Spain, it was only a few weeks ago. We were there for my friend’s wedding, we laughed, we drank, we danced and I got a few more freckles.”




“This is a pic of myself and my old colleagues from Entertainment Tonight in Canada. Cheryl (to the left) is the main host and she was visiting for an interview with Michael Bublé. I haven’t seen the two of them in a year so it was nice to show them around Dublin!”




“I went on Royal watch in Dublin for work and the sun was shining and I saw Meghan and Harry! The last time I saw Meghan was when I was in the same restaurant as her in Toronto. One day I’ll say hi… one day!”


“Myself, my cousin Sophie and my sister Alex went to see Wicked. They both LOVE musicals and I’m not usually a fan but this show was brilliant. I’m not going to lie, I even added one of the songs to my Spotify playlist. Go see it if you can!”


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