The One Direction news we’ve all been DYING to hear!

At least now we know...

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Their extended break has begun

Despite rumours and reports over the last couple of months about whether they will or won’t be staying together after the hiatus, One Direction have finally come out and confirmed they will definitely be back.

Speaking to The Sun this weekend, Liam has completely put an end to all the confusion, and said, “It’s not over. We will be coming back. We don’t want this to end!”

They've confirmed what a lot of people wanted to hear
They’ve confirmed what a lot of people wanted to hear

He continued, “I like that quote about teabags and hot water. You can only test how strong you are when you get put in hot water.

“We’ve been tested, but it’s actually made us stronger. We’ve taken a lot of strength from our fans who have never given up on us, never believed it was over.”

The boys also revealed what they’ll be doing during their time off: Liam and Louis plan on simply having a couple of lazy days, and Harry plans to catch up on some tv – how very exciting?

“I should actually watch those great shows that everyone else talks about and I’ve missed, like Mad Men and Breaking Bad,” he said.

Niall and Louis
Niall and Louis

But while they’re all opting for some relaxation, Niall is ready to go incognito and travel the world.

“I want to go back to Australia and definitely Thailand. With the band, we stayed in luxury hotels, but I want to see these countries like any lad of my age, just staying in hostels and that sort of thing. I don’t want to stay at a Four Seasons. I’ve done that, I want something else.

The purple would definitely put people off
The purple would definitely put people off

“I did think about dying my hair brown so I won’t get recognised, but I genuinely believe that if I’m on my own with my mates from home, no one will give me a second look,” he said. For some reason, we don’t think that will happen.

In the mean time, it’s simply going to be a waiting game to see when the boys will return, but at least now they’ve confirmed they will be back – hooray!

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