Is this the most shocking Conor McGregor news yet?

A tweet on his official account suggests that he's retired. We're not so sure!

What a gent!
Say it isn’t so, Conor!!

Conor McGregor apparently took to Twitter this evening to announce some rather important news. According to the tweet, he has decided, without warning, to retire!

Now we know that the Notorious is not exactly shy about publicity, and given the recent controversy that has surrounded the sport, this may be simply an attempt to make people realise how much we would miss Conor should he call it a day. So we’re taking the announcement with a pinch of salt.

Yesterday’s mysterious tweet…


After all, let’s look at the fact. Yes, Conor may have lost his most recent fight, and yes, the sport is currently the subject of much debate due to the tragic death of Joao Carvalho.

But Conor is still one of the biggest names in world sport, never mind just MMA. He is at the peak of his powers, his earning potential in the immediate future in huge, and it is likely that MMA will recover from its current bad publicity in the near future. So we ask the question – why would he quit now, when he’s only just beginning?

Dee Devlin
Conor and girlfriend Dee Devlin at the 2014 VIP Style Awards

We sincerely hope that the news isn’t true, and that it’s all an elaborate hoax. Because if Conor is simply testing  the water as to how much we’d miss him, the answer is simple.

More than words can say!

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