Drama on Midday as Twink’s dog is reported to have “fainted” live on tv

But producers insist it isn't true

Twink's pooch "fainted" on air
Twink’s pooch “fainted” on air

There was “panic” on Midday yesterday when Twink’s prized pooch Teddy seemed to faint live on tv. However, the Irish personality has insisted that he was simply taking a nap.

The panto star was a guest on the panel and brought her beloved dog along with her for the appearance.

But according to reports, the lights and cameras were too much for the miniature Yorkshire Terrier, who began to slump on the table.

It all got too much for Teddy!
It all got too much for Teddy!

A spokesperson for TV3 said: “There was a bit of a panic upstairs in the director’s box. Teddy seemed to go under with the heat of the lights. At one stage he was flat out and not moving.”

The insider told the Irish Sun: “Being Twink’s dog, Teddy is a real pro and having been on TV so many times, he liked to fall asleep under the lights. He was fine”

Later, Paul Blake, assistant producer of Midday stated: “I can confirm that Teddy didn’t pass out live on air.

Twink and her beloved pooch
Twink and her beloved pooch

“The director didn’t highlight any issues with the dog during the show and was at no point worried about him. Teddy was asleep.”

Teddy became the subject of another media storm back in 2014 after he was stolen from Twink’s home. He was returned safely after her public appeal for help in finding him.

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