“What does that mean?!” Jennifer Aniston struggles to get her head around Irish slang

The US star gave it her best attempt - but we don't reckon she'll be using these terms in her every day life

She can't quite figure out what this Irish term means
She can’t quite figure out what this Irish term means

Jennifer Aniston is a woman of many talents – but perfecting Irish slang, apparently isn’t one of them.

The US superstar sat down with Eoghan McDermott recently, and the Irish host tried to teach her some of our native lingo.

In light of her new movie Office Christmas Party, Eoghan attempted to teach her how to say, in the most Irish way possible, not to kiss your boss over the festive period.

A baffled Jennifer Aniston was gave it her best go, saying “Don’t go lobby-lobbing the gob on the boss…Don’t go what?! Lobbing the gob? What does that mean?!”

The 2FM host explained, “Lobbing the gob – trying to throw the lips on the boss.” The actress soon understood what he meant, and was quick to quip, “Don’t try to kiss the boss… unless the boss wants to kiss you!”

Watch the hilarious interaction below:

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