Una Healy shares that things between her and ex Ben Foden are in a “better place”

Photograph: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

Una Healy has revealed that her relationship between her and ex Ben Foden is in a much “better place” than it was after their split two years ago. The pair were married for six years and split in July of 2018.

Speaking with Fabulous magazine Una shared that they are now back in touch and have done so for the sake of their children; “It was quite tough for a while, but that is out of the way and we are in a better place.”

The couple share two children together, Aoife-Belle and Tadhg; “We are actually getting on quite well now for the sake of the children. We only talk about the children, though.”

Una Healy and family

“We don’t call each other for chats and we are not going to go off on holiday with each other like some people do!” Una added.

It is important to both Ben and Una that they remain on good terms for their kids; “We are not pals or friends who hang out, but there are no arguments now.’

“I know it’s healthy for the children to have their dad in their life.”

In the same interview Una shared that her son Tadgh has no memory of them all being together as a family.

She explained that not having his parents together is normal for both her son Tadgh and younger sister Aoife-Belle, but that they are both surrounded by love.

Speaking to Fabulous, Una said, “I don’t actually think Tadhg has any memory of us all being together as a family. It’s normal for him. And for Aoife too now.

“If they looked around them and all they saw were happy families, then that might be different for them with their mummy and daddy not being together, but they don’t feel like the odd ones out.

“And there is so much love around them – they couldn’t be more loved.”

Una then continued, explaining how her marriage to Ben wasn’t meant to last, but she has no regrets.

“Marriage is just a day you sign a paper,” she said. “A relationship is so much more, and some relationships aren’t meant to be forever.

“The relationship was meant to be – I wouldn’t have my two gorgeous children if it wasn’t for it – so I could never look back and regret it. I just know now it wasn’t meant to be forever.”

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