Lottie Ryan shares biggest regret around her dad

Lottie and her late dad

Lottie Ryan has opened up about the biggest regret she has surrounding her father.

Gerry Ryan sadly passed away in 2010 when Lottie was 25.

And Lottie has shared that a moment from when she was 12 or 13 has haunted her.

She admits that she still has “nightmares” about the moment as she chatted about it to Jennifer Zamperelli.


Speaking on her podcast, Jen & Lottie Do…Parenting, she explained: “We were at a big New Year’s Eve thing. You’re at that kind of age you’re cool, trying to be cool, there was a boy at the thing that I fancied.

“My dad asked me to dance with him and I said no. I wouldn’t dance with him. I actually have nightmares about this moment, because I regret it so badly.

“He got up and asked me, ‘Would you dance with me?’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, dad. No. I’m not dancing with you. Get away from me. Please’.

“I remember he sat down and he looked so disappointed.”

Lottie Ryan

She went on to explain that the moment still stays with her today.

“To this day, I regret that so badly – the look of disappointment in his face. It’s seared into my memory,” she confessed in the emotional episode.

“If Wolf ever refuses a dance with me, I swear to god, I think my heart would break. Dance with your parents when they ask you. Please dance with your parents.”

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