How does Roz de-stress? Nope, it’s not a day to the spa – it’s a colouring book!

The model admits she finds it hard to wind down

Roz says colouring is the way to go!
Roz says colouring is the way to go!

Like most of us, model Roz Purcell is a self-confessed phone addict who finds it difficult to switch off from a constantly switched on social media community.

The 24-year-old says she has never have had the ability to switch off, and has described herself as a “hypochondriac and stresser”.

But writing on her Voice of Ireland star boyfriend Bressie’s blog My 1000 Hours, the gorgeous star said she has found a new way to chill out – and it’s so straightforward, even your kids could do it. Literally!

The foodie has revealed that the best method of relaxation for her is, surprisingly, colouring –  after trying out many other methods. “I had practised other forms of mindfulness from daily gratitude, meditation and body scans before,” she wrote. “All great forms to practice if applied properly but they never really worked for me.”

The model loves how she is now able to chill out
The model loves how she is now able to chill out

Upon the recommendation of a friend, Roz tried out the unusual technique, and says she can’t recommend it enough:

“That very day, I picked one up one, actually I picked up three, as I’m really indecisive! I thought I was never going to have the time to colour as I had too much to do to waste time doodling,” she said.

“How wrong I was. After I finish a little colouring whether its 15 minutes or an hour, every issue I have a big or small, is forgotten. All that I am focused on is what colour I will use next. Everything else disappears.”

VIP chatted to Roz yesterday about how she relaxes!
VIP chatted to Roz yesterday about how she relaxes!

It’s not just picking up a colouring book that calms Roz though – she revealed to VIP yesterday that her hugely positive beau is an amazing influence on her. “He’s been a great influence on me with mindfulness and not letting the little things getting to you,” she told us.

The beauty also exclusively revealed to us that she hasn’t read Bressie’s book on his mental journey yet – but she’s “so proud” of his brave decision to talk openly about his struggles.

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