George Hook shares shocking hate mail telling him to “Stay in bed you freak”

This is awful.

George's hate mail is vile
George’s hate mail is vile

How disgusting is this? George Hook has shared some horrendous hate mail that was sent to his own home, and he revealed that it’s a daily occurence.

The vile letter, sent by “an anonymous coward”, attacked the popular Newstalk presenter by calling him a freak and mocking the way he speaks.

Speaking about the incident, George (74) insisted he is made of strong stuff, but even he was hurt by hateful comments.

Taking to Twitter, he shared the letter he received, telling his followers: “More hate mail today. ‘Stay in bed you freak, you are a disgrace. A complete babbling imbecile. Stay at home and play with your soldiers.’”

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The letter also made reference to a recent car collision the presenter was involved in, telling him: “Too bad your head wasn’t between the bumpers, it might have improved your brain and cured your slurring and dropped words.”

He then shared an image of the letter, with the caption: No matter how mentally strong I think I am, hate mail like this gets to me.” The radio star previously openly discussed hate mail he was sent which included the words, “George, nobody likes you. Not even yourself.”

In an act of defiance, however, George took to the airwaves this evening, writing on his Twitter page: “I am on the air now with The Right Hook – I will not allow letters of hate deter me from broadcasting.”

VIP Towers salutes the broadcasting legend for not letting the bullies win.

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