George Hook reveals his VERY surprising “life-long dream” – to write erotic novels!

Will the former rugby pundit be releasing his very own version of 50 Shades of Grey!?

george hook
George at the launch of ‘This is Rugby’ – but he’d rather write a VERY different type of book

VIP Towers didn’t see this one coming – George Hook has admitted writing an erotic novel tops his bucket list.

When it comes to exciting ventures in life, it’s not jumping out of a plane or reaching the top of a mountain that appeals to the rugby pundit, who says for him it’s all about writing a kinky book.

Speaking on radio show The Right Hook, he told James Dempsey: “It is one of my great undone challenges. I don’t want to parachute jump… or climb Everest… I want to publish an erotic novel.”

And it’s not like the 74-year-old hasn’t tried his luck already with erotica – but his ideas were shot down by the powers that be.

“I made a stab at it but it as rejected by the publisher,” he revealed.

Will George create the new Christian Grey!?
Will George create the new Christian Grey!?

“It was great.  It started in Warsaw, this young Polish girl and four members of the German Army…” We’re pretty happy that George didn’t go into more details about that one, to be honest…

However, the Newstalk presenter went on to joke with guest James on how they should collaborate on an erotic novel in the fanfiction genre by charting the adventures of the character of Kalinda (played by Archie Panjabi) from The Good Girl.

“The Futher Adventures of Kalinda,” he laughed  “I can describe her, the thigh high boots, the six inch heels, the fact that she’s of a rather voracious sexual nature.

Will you pick up a copy of Geroge's erotica?!
Will you pick up a copy of George’s erotica?!

“But now Kalinda, instead of being an Indian girl, we’ll move her to Warsaw, she’ll be the daughter of the one who was despoiled in 1945 in Warsaw and she will be carrying out a campaign against the sons and daughters of the four guys who despoiled her mother in Kalinsky Street in Warsaw.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling rather flushed – would you pick up a copy of George’s naughty stories? Let us know in the comments!



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