EXCLUSIVE! How did Darren Kennedy get THOSE abs? We found out!

The stylish presenter has told us how he's looking so great!

Darren catches up with VIP!
Darren catches up with VIP!

Tv presenter and all-round style guru Darren Kennedy raised some eyebrows when he shared a snap of his ab-tastic bod recently.

The fashionable RTE star attracted plenty of attention on Instagram when he posted this snap showing off his impressive six pack, captioned: “This heat is taking it out the little fella”… But noone was looking at his cute pooch Harry!

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Woah – looking good, Darren!

VIP caught up with the bubbly 34-year-old at Häagen-Daz’s #RealOrNothing summer party last night in House, Leeson Street and we had to ask – how is he in such good shape!?

“I’ve always kept fit to be honest,” he told us. “I always played hockey when I was younger – Under 15s champ may I add! I always kickboxed and cycled too, keeping fit is obviously so important your wellbeing. And even for the industry I’m in – I’ve four collections of suits now and 6-8 suits per collection, all in a size waist 32 so my goal is to be able to fit into them forevermore – that’s my motivation!”

But is there must be something extra he’s been doing lately to achieve those incredible abs, we asked him?!

I still like to be able to eat what I want – it’s all in moderation for me!

“I mix it up now and again,” he said. “In my YouTube channel I show off some of my routines in videos, but normally what I do is every 6-8 weeks I’ll go and get a new programme and I meet with a personal trainer 2-3 days per week and get 2 or 3 sessions done, and then I go off and do them myself for 6-8 weeks. I’ll go back to the trainer then after that to change it up and try something else. It’s about keeping the momentum going and keeping your body guessing!”

However, whilst munching on his yummy Häagen-Daz icecream creation, he told us: “I still like to be able to eat what I want – it’s all in moderation for me!”

The presenter likes to keep fit
The presenter likes to keep fit


Darren said he thinks it’s hugely positive thing that so many people seem to be becoming far more health conscious these days.

“I worked on Operation Transformation for three years and you see the flip side of it and a lot of comes down to education and people not knowing what’s good, or what’s bad for them or what exercises they should be doing…so it’s about making informed choices!

“Longer term for the country, and for the economy, if we’re healthier, it’ll cost us less, and taxes could decrease, so you can’t say it’s a bad thing really!”

We caught up with Darren last night!
We caught up with Darren last night!

The celebrity stylist told us he’s been taking a break from showbiz recently to “enjoy the moment” and enjoy some downtime in sun-soaked France. And if that wasn’t enough chillin’, Darren is off on his holiers again today – to Tel Aviv!

“I’ve lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, but for now I’m just enjoying summer!” he said.



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