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The newest issue of VIP has finally hit the shelves and we couldn’t be more excited for you to get your hands on it.

Packed full of fashion and beauty bits as well as all the behind-the-scenes from the Platinum VIP Style Awards – 23 pages of Style Awards goodness to be exact!

We got to chat to some of Ireland’s favourite celebrities about hitting life milestones, mental health, touring and chasing your dreams.

This month’s cover star is none other than the fabulous Muireann O’Connell.

Muireann O’Connell Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

In this exclusive interview with Muireann, we dove deep chatting all about her fear of commitment and her tendency to procrastinate life’s big decisions.

The Ireland AM presenter sat down with us the day of the Platinum VIP Style Awards. She was running late due to parking and absolutely sweating as it happened to be one of the best days of the year so far.

Although running late Muireann says is not an unusual feat for her: “I should be getting up at 4am. Recently it has been closer to 4.30am, which is very bold!”

Adding: “The next thing I know it’s 5.15am and I’m flapping going ‘I have to go to work!'”

The 40-year-old mentions she feels perfectly at home on the Ireland AM couch, revealing that there’s no time to overthink what you’re going to say and you just have to say it, noting it definitely adds to the craziness.

Muireann admits she’s pretty bad at making decisions and her procrastination is on a whole other level – the fact she has a ring on her finger but no date set is enough of a clue.

“I do genuinely think that he [the fiancé] thought we would have a plan at least at this stage. And if it was up to him we probably would have a date by now. But we don’t!”

Muireann O’Connell Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

We also got the chance to sit down with none other than Mr Niall Horan after a whirlwind 24 hours in Ireland, he didn’t even get the chance to swing home to Mullingar!

“If I had more time, I’d see everyone. It’s hard when you’re only an hour away from home but I’ll be back over the summer.”

We talked all about new music – only two days left ’till the new album launches – mental health and famous friends as well as the never ending 1D reunion rumours.

To Niall though his favourite part about coming home is having a pint of Guinness. He says: “I do a lot of travelling and it’s not always great abroad.”

Delving into the inspiration behind The Show, he reveals that being in a good place in his life meant he had to find a new angle to write your typical heartbreak-y songs meaning he had to write about the ups and downs of life – something we’re all very familiar with and can relate to heavily.

“What I say in The Show is that if everything was always easy and nothing ever broke, how would we realise how good we have it?”

Niall continues saying: “No matter what I’m writing about, I’ll always try to write introspectively whilst keeping it as relatable as possible.”

Niall Horan Pic: Universal Ireland

Darren Kennedy brings us along to the Thompson Hollywood Hotel to catch up on him chasing his dreams and following his heart all the way to LA.

With a love for home ingrained in his DNA but a want for adventure in his soul, Darren Kennedy is up for trying just about anything. Throwing himself in feet first, a characteristic that led him to base his work life in LA, he’s excited for what’s to come. While it isn’t a permanent home, he’s truly enjoying his time there. “Ireland’s home, I base myself from there and go where needed but I’m loving it here.”

With a number of exciting new projects on the way, LA seems to be doing wonders for the presenter’s health and happiness. He’s hosting Celebrity Closets for ITV, giving him the power to rummage through A-list celebrities’ wardrobes – did someone say dream job?

When asked whose closet he’d like to snoop through the list is nothing short of jaw-dropping – Elton John, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Cher.

Darren says he loves connecting with people which is why he ultimately works so well in TV and radio. But wanting a change after starting his career in radio he decided to start his own podcast called The Number, a place to connect and share stories about the guest.

Darren Kennedy Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

We also have a whole host of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for you to enjoy including an inside look into the hair and make-up looks worn by some of our fave celebrities at the Platinum VIP Style Awards, some fabulous summer interior pieces and a look at what’s coming up during the month of June, so make sure to pick up your copy in-store now!

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