Darren Kennedy shares details of “attempted aggressive mugging” incident

Darren Kennedy
Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

Darren Kennedy has taken to social media to share details of a terrifying “attempted aggressive mugging” incident he recently found himself in, just a mere 300 metres from the biggest police station in the country.

On Monday, 11th of September, Darren and his boyfriend were walking home when they noticed they were being followed.

In a video, he posted to Instagram, the presenter explained how they were minding their own business on the streets of Dublin after having a lovely day when they were aggressively approached by an unknown man, who threatened to mug them.

“He looked like he was concealing his face and looked like he had a knife or something underneath his t-shirt,” Darren began.

He then went on to say how the man demanded all their money as well as everything they had on them at the time.

“At which point, we were stunned,” Darren admitted.

Continuing on, Darren shared: “I told him to back off. We had an umbrella, I held the umbrella out and then he came towards us and I said let’s just run.

“So we ran, slightly terrified, I’m not going to lie.

Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

“He didn’t touch us, but it was very, very scary and I was shocked that this happened in Dublin city.”

Before signing off, Darren shared how he called the police, who responded very quickly and were very reassuring.

In a bid for this not to happen again, however, Darren shared his thoughts on what needs to be done.

“Ultimately, I think we need more sources, we need more visibility of our police force on the streets and also just be careful. Be aware and take care of yourself. Because Monday night at 11.30pm I did not expect that to happen in Dublin city.”

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