Darren Kennedy opens up about homophobia he’s faced

Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

Darren Kennedy has opened up about the homophobia he has faced right here in Ireland.

VIP Magazine caught up with the podcast host for our June issue, which comes out during Pride month.

Last year, Darren opened up about being called a homophobic slur in Dublin City.

Now he tells us about dealing with this and how society can evolve.

Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

“When there’s big societal change, it can often be two steps forward, one step back,” he tells us.

“When I spoke out about those comments which were said to me in broad daylight in the middle of Dublin city centre, the vast majority of people, not gay people, because they experience it were shocked because A) it shouldn’t happen and B) they assumed that because marriage equality has passed that we’re all rosy, that homophobia is gone, but that’s not the case.”

He went on to say that these people are a “very small minority” but adds that it is a “bold one”.

“There’s been physical attacks on the streets of Dublin, over the past few months, they’re horrific, and I think as individuals we need to have the courage to not put up with it — it’s not about being a martyr or activist, just when something’s not on, say it and tell them to leave it out.

Pic: Kara Beth Nixon for VIP Magazine

“But that can be tricky and I’m not saying people need to put themselves in dangerous situations.”

He adds that Pride month is “so important”.

“The fact someone felt like they could walk down a street and shout horrible things at me, to my face, is in itself a reason why we need Pride.”

Pick up the June issue of VIP Magazine for our full chat with Darren Kennedy.

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