Exclusive! Aoibhinn McGinnity shares hilarious story of how she unexpectedly cracked America

The Love/Hate star is making waves overseas.

How gorge did she look last night in Scribe by Roz? |VIP IRELAND
How gorge did she look last night in Scribe by Roz? |VIP IRELAND

She became a household name in Ireland playing crime lord Nidge’s wife Trish in Love/Hate, but Aoibhinn McGinnity is currently making an impression in the States.

The Monaghan actress got her big break earlier this year when she landed a role in HBO crime drama Quarry, which is expected to be broadcast in Ireland and the US early next year.

But last night at the STELLAR Shine Awards 2015 in Soder+Ko, the 28-year-old told VIP that her US success came as a unexpected surprise.

“I went over this time last year to get an agent and I didn’t think it would happen,” she admitted. “I honestly had nightmare stories!”

She continued: “I met my friend for a drink one night and got into a taxi and whatever way I got in I hit my head off the cab. So I stayed in a friend’s that night, but I had a big meeting with an agent the following morning.

“I was like ‘oh my god’ because I had yesterday’s clothes on, my hair was a mess because my straighteners wouldn’t work and I felt like crap! But I thought I’m just going to bring myself to the table because I can’t go on how I look!”

Aoibhinn made her name as Trish in Love/Hate
Aoibhinn made her name as Trish in Love/Hate

Aoibhinn said she was shocked to later find out the agent wanted to sign her, telling us she responded with “Wha?!”

“I think you just have to be yourself,” she said. “When you’re stripped back of everything, you just have to go in and say “I’m here. Do you want me?” I mean there were people who didn’t want me too, but I just took it on the chin, because it’s America. You have to expect it!”

The star also opened up about the recent rumours that Love/Hate would be retuning for another series, which were later ruled out. Does she want the RTE show to return?

“If it was to come back, I don’t think Stuart (Carolan, creator) would do it unless it was brilliant. So for now, I don’t have a clue.”

The actress is making a name for herself in the States
The actress is making a name for herself in the States

Aoibhinn is currently back in her homeland to wait for Quarry to air, and said until then she is working on radio plays and short movies. “I’m kind of in limbo,” she joked.

“Thankfully I can do other other projects here but ultimately next year I want to go back if needs be.”

She was crowned Best Actress last night at the STELLAR Shine Awards, and admitted she’s a big fan of our sister magazine.

“I love it, I follow it online a lot, it’s fun and girly and quirky but also has articles that have a bit of sense in them,” she said. “This is a really lovely night they’ve put on and I’m so delighted to have won.”

Check out our best dressed on the night here and for more, head over to stellar.ie.

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