Irish celebrities share their most cherished memories with their mums

Warning: there are some tear-jerkers!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we caught up with some of our favourite Irish celebrities to find out their fondest memories of the leading ladies in their lives. From cherished childhood memories, to celebrating adult milestones, these stars have nothing but admiration and praise for their mums.

Ronan Keating

Ronan with his late mum Marie.
Ronan with his late mum Marie.

“I have lots of great memories with my mum, thank God. But family holidays in Killarney always shine bright for me. Seeing Joe Dolan at The Gleneagle Hotel was always a highlight for my mum and it was great to see her enjoy herself.”

Alison Canavan

Alison with her adorable son James.
Alison with her adorable son James.

“My fondest memory of my mum is having her there at my son James’ birth. It was such a special moment to have three generations together.”

Aoibhinn McGinnity

We can't wait to see this
She’s a mummy’s girl!

“I have so many lovely memories with my mum, but my one of my favourites is when she brought home the baby of our family over 17 years ago – it was very special. One of the funnier memories I have with her is when we partied the night away in Coppers after the VIP Style Awards one year. She’s a best friend and a gem of a mother all in one – happy Mother’s Day! I’d also like to wish my sister a very happy Mother’s Day, she has five little ones and is just amazing!”

Karen Koster

Karen's got it all!
Karen’s childhood memories have helped her as she brings up her little boys.

“One of the surprises that has come with motherhood is how much I’m remembering from my own childhood. I get flashbacks of memories that had been long forgotten. My mum was incredibly reliable and a safe haven, if ever there was one. I was a demon for creeping out of my bed and sneaking into bed with her if I couldn’t sleep. And remembering how nice that feeling was gives me patience when one of my little monkeys wakes at 3am and just needs a little comfort.”

Claudine Keane

How sweet!
How sweet!

“I have so many special memories with my mum, it’s hard to single out one. I have lovely memories of my mum and I after Hudson was born in Los Angeles. Just two hours after Hudson was bored, Rob had to leave the hospital to fly to Ireland and meet with the Irish team ahead of their game against Germany. I was so grateful when my mum flew over and stayed with me to make sure I wasn’t alone in the hospital. She helped me so much in the first few days with both Robert and Hudson. The nurses at Cedar Sinai hospital said I brightened up so much when my mum walked in and rob was so relieved we were in good hands. She has such a natural mother’s instinct and was so great looking after us all until rob arrived back a week later. I look back at those photos of the three of us and have such fond memories, I’m so glad she shared those special moments with us.”

Doireann Garrihy

Doireann with her stunning mum and sisters.
Doireann with her stunning mum and sisters.

“When I was in 5th class in school, my mom was chairperson of our local tennis club. She juggled her chairperson duties, work and being super mom for the whole year! The day that she finished up as chairperson, she decided to surprise me to celebrate. She picked me up early from school and we went to see Finding Nemo in the cinema. I’ll never forget the excitement. After the movie, we did a spot of shopping and as we were going around, she kept singing that Martine McCutcheon’s Perfect Moment to me because we were having such a lovely time (she wonders where I get the drama!) Now, whenever we’re having a nice time together, she bursts into song. I used to cringe when I was a teenager but I fully embrace it now and even harmonise with her!”

Amy Huberman

She's never fails to keep us entertained!
She’s never fails to keep us entertained!

“I used to love staying with my granny in Wexford town and walking the main st with my mum and my granny for chats and a look around. I’d normally wrangle some epic piece of neon plastic out of the pound shop and a quarter of apple drops, if I was lucky! I cherish the memories of those days.”

Rosie Connolly

She was honing her make-up skills from a young age!
She was honing her make-up skills from a young age!

“My fondest memory with my mum is definitely going back to when I was a child and would hound her to let me pamper her! I would paint her nails, give her a head massage and plait her hair! She loved it and used to doze off while I was doing her hair!”

Nathan Carter

Aw, look at little Nathan with his mum!
Aw, look at little Nathan with his mum!

“Mum and I have always been very close. She has always fussed over me, even at 26 when I go home to Liverpool she asks for my washing and she has to iron everything – even if it’s only been done recently. She always thinks I need feeding aswell, so she’s always trying to get me to eat! I remember when I moved to Ireland 8 years ago, she got very upset the night before I left, you would think I was moving to Australia – not across the pond! But to be fair to her, she has always been there for me and I couldn’t ask for a better mum and a friend.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely mums, from all of us at VIP Towers!


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