“It’s not lovely all the time” Aoibhin McGinnity on her tv show being cancelled

Aoibhinn played Trish in Love/Hate before this gig.

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Aoibhinn McGinnity has opened up about her new US show being cancelled after just one season.

The Love/Hate star was working over in New Orleans on a show called Quarry which focuses of a marine who returns to Memhpis after fighting in the Vietnam war.

Aoibhinn, who was playing a character called Mary, revealed she wasn’t all that surprised by the show’s cancellation adding “that’s just the way the industry is”.

“My part wasn’t massive but I got to do really cool stuff, I was a bad-ass in it. I loved it, really enjoyed it,”The actress told The Herald.

“I wasn’t upset, that’s just the way the industry is. It’s not lovely all the time. I don’t think it’s coming back, not that I know of.”

The actress, who played Trish in Love/Hate revealed she was nervous about doing the American show.

“I was kind of worried doing Quarry because I thought it would be different, being a different country, but it was very much the same,” she said. “Some of the hours are different. America isn’t the ultimate, it’s just wherever work is.”

Aoibhinn is optimistic about the future, adding she has a few jobs lined-up.

“I got lucky with Quarry so hopefully I will get lucky again with something that has life after one season,” she added.

“I’ve only done two pilot seasons, the first time I got a job from it and that was only my second go and I met lots of great people, and I have to go back for next pilot season.”

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