Did Niall Horan just confirm his relationship status?

The star also says his music will be very different for album number two.

Niall's not looking for the perfect lady anytime soon Pic: Twitter.com/niallofficial

Niall Horan has revealed that he can no longer identify with some of his songs.

The Irishman revealed that he wrote many of his songs about heartache but no longer feels that way.

Speaking about album number two, he said: “I do think that next time will be a bit different,”.

He explained that he can relate to his ‘good friend’ Sam Smith who previously said it feels strange singing about heartache now that he is in a happy relationship.

Speaking to Main de Coup magazine, he said: “I heard him saying in an interview he did recently that he feels weird singing these songs now that are on this album because he’s not heartbroken anymore.

“He’s singing about stuff that makes him sad, but he’s not sad anymore, so he does find it funny. And that kind of resonated with me. Now I’m thinking I just want to write songs, and not write about something in particular.


“A lot of this album was driven from personal experiences and heartache and stuff like that. But I don’t have that at the moment, so I think a lot more will just be going out and writing songs, and trying to write good songs, instead of being stuck on one particular concept.”

So, if Niall is no longer heartbroken does that mean he’s doing well in the love department?

The singer has long been rumoured to be dating Hailee Steinfeld, with plenty of sightings of them together to add to the rumour mill.

Back in February, the pair were spotted together at a Backstreet Boys concert.

In March, Hailee drove fans wild after posting a photo of herself wearing Niall Horan merch.

Then in April, the pair were spotted looking pretty cosy in the Bahamas.

Do you think Hailee has cured Niall’s heartache?

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