Conor McGregor’s family reveal how he has changed their life

The UFC fighter is as generous as he is talented...

Conor spoils his family
Conor spoils his family

UFC champ Conor McGregor‘s dad has opened up about how his son has changed the family’s lives with his new-found wealth.

Crumlin-born Conor regularly shows off his extortionate wealth by posting pictures with his money and purchases, but his father Tony says he his generosity is as big as his famous ego.

Speaking on the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTE Radio this morning, Tony explained how the 27-year-old wants his family to live the same luxurious lifestyle as him.

He told Ryan that a stand out memory was after Conor won his fight in Vegas, and told his parents that he was going to buy their house – meaning they are now mortgage free while retaining in interest in the house, as well as buy each family member a BMW.

Conor is a family man!
Conor is a family man!

“I drove a taxi around Dublin for 25 years and it was one of the best things I ever done but there was a time when I couldn’t afford to run the car,” he said.

“He spelled it out exactly what he was going to do for us. We walked out of there and we all had BMWs. I am driving a 5 series BMW now at the moment, brand spanking new. His mother is also driving one and his sister is driving one.”

He also likes to spoil girlfriend Dee!
He also likes to spoil girlfriend Dee!

Tony also revealed that Conor’s trademark swagger attitude is new to him and the family:

“This is the thing that mystifies me because we didn’t see that, we didn’t see that persona. The only indication we had of that persona is when he won his first UFC fight in Sweden

“That’s when his showbiz personality was born and I think he saw that and just built on it. Between the Sweden post-fight show and your show (Late Late Show) I think those two incidents were the marked period in his showbiz personality.”

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