Conor McGregor – coming to a cinema screen near you soon!

Is the UFC champ set to become a movie star!?

conor mcgregor
Conor could be leading in the same footsteps as Arnie

UFC champ Conor McGregor‘s star quality has never been questioned – and now it seems his distinctive personality is marking him out as a future film star.

Conor – who already has the backing of Terminator legend Arnold Schwarzenegger – is definitely set for the big screen, it’s just a matter of what role he will pick, according to his coach John Kavanagh.

“He has already got a bunch of offers, so it’s a matter of time,” he told the Sunday Business Post. “He could walk away from this sport today and he would be a very wealthy man for the rest of his life.”

The Dubliner is famously already very wealthy – just recently his dad admitted on the radio that his son is as generous as he is talented and had just bought the entire family BMWs.

conor mcgregor
Conor is famous for his love of money

But his wealth is only set to increase; along with an impending movie role, the Notorious MMA is reportedly on the verge of signing a €100 million UFC deal.

Earlier this month he revealed: “I’m waiting on my next multi, nine-figure contract, which is en route.

“I just let everyone up there know, I let the bosses know and everybody there know what I bring and my worth.”

The Crumlin native added: “Because the contract that I’m talking now is nine figures, nine figures I’m talking. Nobody in the game has talked nine figures. That’s $100 million plus. That’s my contract, so, that’s where I’m at, and I’ve done it the way I’ve done it.

The Dubliner is all about his family.
The Dubliner is all about his family.

“Now the contract I’m talking about is nine-figures. NINE FIGURES I’m talking. Nobody in the game has got nine figures. I’m talking 100 million plus. So that’s where I’m at and I’ve done it the way I’ve done it.”

But despite what happens, he know where his priorities lay: “Where I’m from, and when people make it and have success, there’s one thing on their mind. That’s family,” he said.

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