Cian Healy’s “irresponsible” tweet sparks controversy

Stars respond to rugby star's 'offensive' twitter comments

Cian has created a bit of controversy with his tweet...
Cian has created a bit of controversy with his tweet…

An explosive Twitter feud has occurred between sports star Cian Healy and singer Brian Kennedy, after Cian landed himself in hot water with what’s been described as an “offensive” tweet.

The sports star posted on his social media profile before attending a Kesha concert at the Pride festival in Los Angeles, writing:

“So I’m going to a kesha gig at pride in Hollywood tonight…should be interesting! #BacksToTheWall”

Brian Kennedy was quick to voice his disappointment with the hashtag in Cian’s tweet.

“Backstothewall”?? I didn’t think anyone talked like that anymore. How deeply disappointing in one so young,” he wrote.

Cian later stated that it was not his intention to purposefully cause offense to the gay community, insisting his “light-hearted” comment had been taken up wrong.

Brian thanked him for his reply, but stated that the rugby player didn’t “get it”, adding “Food for Thought”.

The tweet that got Cian into hot water
The tweet that got Cian into hot water

He has since spoken out about the incident, saying the worst part about the star’s post is the media circulation and the outreach to young people because of Cian’s celeb status.

“The sports world is incredibly homophobic, so I thought it was a very poor choice of words,” he commented to the Irish Daily Mail.

He added: “I have a wicked sense of humour and of course everything should be joked about, but…it’s strange language from a role model.”

Brian Kennedy has blasted Cian for the comment
Brian Kennedy has blasted Cian for the comment

Other stars have also spoken up with the vast majority, including RTE’s Darren Kennedy and designer Brendan Courtney, who both branded Cian’s tweet as “irresponsible”.

Darren told the Mail: “This sort of language, no matter how innocent the intent, perpetuates homophobia.”

In contrast, Rory Cowan, star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, gives Cian the benefit of the doubt, and accepted the ‘light-hearted’ native of the tweet.

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