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News: “I’ve had the most incredible two and a half years…” Daniella Moyles quits job at Spin 1038

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New couple alert!

News: Has Daniella Moyles just gone public on her relationship with Maser?

New couple alert!

News: Hot new couple Daniella Moyles and Maser share first adorable pics together

New couple alert!

News: Model type! Maser and Daniella Moyles are officially an item

They're a busy bunch!

Exclusive: New York, Sri Lanka and Hawaii – Here’s where you’re favourite Irish celebs will be ringing in the New Year

The Fully Charged 27 Hour Breakfast Show is underway.

News: Daniella Moyles thanks fans for their generosity in the Fully Charged 27 Hour Breakfast Show

He feels it should be Trump that visits.

News: Irish celebs react to shocking US presidential election results

Daniella Moyles

Exclusive: Daniella Moyles opens up about her break-up from ex boyfriend Dara Quilty

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News: Model Daniella Moyles splits from her long term boyfriend Dara Quilty