Why Ray D’Arcy doesn’t regret making the big move to RTÉ

He still misses Today FM though...

He's busier than ever - and loving it
He’s busier than ever – and loving it

Ray D’Arcy has opened up about his move to RTE, revealing that while he misses his former job in Today FM, he doesn’t regret making the change at all.

The presenter still gets people telling him that they miss his morning show on Today FM, and while it makes him sentimental about his 15 years with the station, he’s happy to have moved on.

Speaking to The Herald, he said, “When people sidle up to you and say, ‘I miss you in the mornings,’ you say, ‘Well i miss it sometimes too’, but we definitely made the right decision.”

Ray also revealed that he’s still working with his wife, Jenny, despite her initially deciding to give up work after his move to RTE. She was his producer on Today FM, and the pair have decided to work together once again.

The happy couple
The happy couple

“She had given up work. We decided that was the best for the family. We discussed it all at length, moving to RTE and I felt that I couldn’t do it without her support, so she came back. It’s sort of an ongoing discussion whether she’ll stay or not,” he said.

The presenter is now working more than ever, juggling The Ray D’Arcy Show and his afternoon show on RTE Radio 1, but as his wife is back on board, he is enjoying it immensely.

“It’s going very well. I’m not comparing myself to the Late Late Show. We’re here doing the first season of a show. I’m enjoying it and having good craic.

“It was a given I was going to enjoy it because I’d never done one before.

He's had a few high profile guests on his show
He’s had a few high profile guests on his show

“We finish up at the end of May. It’ll feel like i’m on holidays because I’m doing a very crowded six-day week at the moment. It’s full on.

“I think we’re doing really well in the ratings. It is very strong,” he said.

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