Ray D’Arcy’s wife thinks he would be great on Ireland’s Fittest Family

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Ray Darcy’s wife, Jenny Kelly, one of the top radio producers in the country for the last number of years reckons her husband could pull off a stint on Ireland’s Fittest Family.

Jenny believes her husband would be a perfect fit for the show, a judgement she’s qualified for having worked with and produced Ray’s radio show since 2005, when they first met.

During an interview with Evoke, Jenny and former Ireland’s Fittest Family host Mairead Ronan discussed the pros and cons of the radio icon taking part in the show.


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Jenny said: “He’d be very good… They have actually tried to get him to do it before, but I said “Are you mad?!” Imagine.”

Mairead is a fan of the idea and well, who better to back you than the Ireland’s Fittest Family veteran who’s hung up her shoes after ten years at the helm of the show.

She mentions what exactly her replacement will need to make the best out of the show saying: “You need comfortable shoes, a rainproof jacket, lots of sunscreen because you’re going to get everything in one day, but you’ll have a laugh. Whoever they are, they’ll have a laugh!”


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She continues saying: “The crew are gorgeous and the families are always so up for it, so into it. The challenges have been getting a bit tougher every year, so I’ll be interested to watch it this year not knowing who wins. I can’t wait for that!”

While Jenny believes her husband would make an excellent hosting candidate, she also sees his potential as a contestant saying: “He’s very competitive. He’s a runner as well, so he’s very fit. He could easily do it- me? I’d stand drinking tea waving at him!”

So will we see Ray D’arcy taking on the trials and tribulations of Ireland’s Fittest Family? Who knows what the future holds?

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