“We just wanted a peaceful life” Keith Duffy on why Boyzlife don’t perform in Ireland


Keith Duffy has shared the reason why he and Brian McFadden won’t perform or speak to press in Ireland anymore.

He said that Boyzlife are hugely successful in the UK and other places around the world and so they choose to avoid working in Ireland for the sake of ‘a peaceful life’.

Explaining to their choice to the Irish Mirror they said: “We don’t do anything here. That’s our choice. We just wanted a peaceful life, we love what we do. We’re very successful in the UK. They champion us over there and they bring out the best of us.”

Continuing on, Keith said:

“You come over here and whether it be radio DJ’s or certain journalists, they write derogatory terms. They’re just negative”

“Boyzone was the same and when we came back together in 2008, I never worked here again. It was always the UK, Australia, Middle East, Europe.”

Brian McFadden, Keith Duffy
Pic: Keith Duffy/Instagram

Sharing where the group have toured around the world he added:

“Brian and I are just back from Cape Town, we’re on our way to Indonesia now to Bali and then we’re off to Vietnam and Cambodia. Then we’re off to Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi but we do nothing in Dublin”

“It really is just begrudging. People don’t listen and they insult… People assume it is going to be s***e because they don’t like us from the days of the 90s.”

“I rarely socialise in Dublin because when I go out, you don’t know if someone is going to buy you a pint or give you a dig.”

Keith Duffy

Keith did say however that the majority of Irish people are kind and friendly, and the country will always be home for him.

“My home will always be Ireland; Dublin I love it. I’m very passionate about Irish people and Ireland and I think we have a fantastic hospitality about us but we’re horrible to our own, we’re horrible to ourselves.”

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