Vogue Williams has opened up about her breastfeeding troubles

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Vogue Williams has admitted to struggling quite a bit due to pressure from outside sources when it came to breastfeeding her three children.

She told the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast she felt “like a milking cow”, particularly with baby number one, Theodore.

Vogue mentions she feels breastfeeding has become easier in recent years, as people have started to recognise it’s part of a lot of new mothers’ lives.

She admitted: “Being a breastfeeding mum, I feel like people make it easier for you.”


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“I’m lucky I don’t work in an office, I don’t know how it works in an office but pumping a lot is very time-consuming and it’s tiring, but I just felt like I really wanted to do it, and you know what? It really worked for me with them.”

The hardest part for the mum of three was the pressure in the first few weeks around the topic of breastfeeding.

She admits to telling herself that if her first child struggled with it, she wouldn’t pressure herself to continue.


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Breastfeeding is time-consuming and exhausting, particularly for a new mother who may struggle to sleep as it is, plus there’s a certain headspace one must be in in order not to get frustrated.

These are just some of the negative aspects of breastfeeding both for baby and mother

Vogue explained: “It takes so long, the start, it’s like you’re sitting there for over an hour and when you think about it, that’s a new mum who is already wrecked and your emotions are all over the place and then you’re feeding every three hours, but an hour and a bit of that is feeding.”


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It wasn’t till week 8 of her children’s lives that things started to get easier for the influencer she said: “I found it started getting easier around week eight for me.

“And now it is fine, it is kind of like four times a day and then I pump at night just for a little top-up bottle for him and that’s kind of it”.

Vogue shares her three children with husband and TOWIE star Spencer Matthews.

Fair play Vogue we love hearing discussions like this so people can know they’re not alone, and that there is always someone out there who can help and lend some advice.

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