This one thing Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin do in ALL their pics says a lot about their relationship

We're sensing a pattern here.

That's her man!
They use the same pose a lot!

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin are one cute couple. They’ve been together for almost a decade now, and are without a doubt, more loved up than ever.

The stunning couple always appear to be very happy and affectionate with each other when photographed, and while looking back through pics taken over the years, we noticed one particular thing which occurs in each photo of the duo.

In almost every snap of the couple together, Dee places her hand on Conor’s knee, and Pat Grange from Relationships Ireland gave us a number of plausible reasons for the couples body language, and why they so often take up this cute pose.

There it is, Dee's hand on Conor's knee
There it is, Dee’s hand on Conor’s knee

The first reason, he says, is that it could be an “expression of intimacy,” which is very understandable seeing as the duo are nine years into their relationship, and madly in love. The second reason is that it could be “an unconscious signal to other women that Conor belongs to her,” and thirdly, it could be an unconscious action by Dee “as a reminder to him that she’s there.”

While it could be any of the above, we reckon that Dee is simply letting everyone know that she’s proud of her love, and it is an adorable trait to be fair!

Speaking to VIP Magazine recently, Dee admitted that despite their new-found stardom, the pair are very much the regular couple they always have been, and revealed how they keep their romance alive.

Hmmm we wonder what this signifies?
Hmmm we wonder what this signifies?

Dee said, “Well we travel together a lot. I would go with him a lot. It’s always great to be reunited if he’s after being away for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I go with him, sometimes he’ll go away for a few weeks, but we manage to keep it alive. We have fun.

“He’s still the same. Everything inside our relationship is exactly the same as it always has been. We’re just a normal couple. We like to chill out and have fun. We sit at home and watch Netflix like anyone else does. We keep it real that way.”

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