“They would have murdered me” Philomena Lynott reveals terrifying burglary incident

The mother of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott said people try to take his memorabilia.

Philomena Lynott VIP Ireland
Philomena Lynott VIP Ireland

Philomena Lynott has said that there have been many attempts to break into her home due to the memorabilia she has of her son’s legacy.

The mother of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott said that she doesn’t mind donating his guitars and records to museums because she knows they will be kept safe.

The 87-year-old explained that there have been several attempts to break into her house over the years, with one event taking place on her birthday.

She admitted that she feared for her life and feels she was saved by a phone call from her nephew.

“Graham had gone off to the shops and I was up in my bedroom not feeling very well. I heard bang bang bang, and I thought it was the wind banging the flower baskets outside.

“I called Graham but he didn’t answer because he was in the shop, but when he got outside he rang me and thank god he did and thank god he did because that phonecall saved my life,” she said at the unveiling of her wax sculpture today.

Philomena Lynott with Phil Lynott Statue VIP Ireland
Philomena Lynott with Phil Lynott Statue VIP Ireland

“I was upstairs and the phone went so I ran across the room and picked up the phone, and they heard me so they ran out of the house because they realised they weren’t in the empty house.

“I didn’t realise three burglars got in, If I had have gone downstairs they would have murdered me.”

The author added that she initially thought the burglars were just fans of Thin Lizzy stopping my the garden to see a special plaque Philomena has outside her house.

“As they were going out the driveway, over the front door I have a plaque about Philip and people come to photograph it, and I thought the three burglars were people being nosy, so I waved at them and they waved back.”

Speaking exclusively to VIP Magazine she said that she knew exactly what they were looking for.

“They want his guitars, his gold and silver albums, they house is full of his things. With it being Phillo, they want to take it.”

Now Phil’s belongings are set up in the Irish Rock N Roll Museum in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Phil’s mother revealed she prefers to keep them there for people to see and so that they will remain safe.

Philomena was honoured at the National Wax Museum today with her own statue, beside that of her son’s.


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