The bizarre reason Stephanie Davis has a feeling her baby is going to arrive early

We never expected this!

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Stephanie Davis has revealed that she believes her baby will arrive before her January due date because a psychic told her friend she won’t make it that long!

The former Hollyoaks actress had a whirlwind romance with Irish lothario Jeremy McConnell after they appeared on Celebrity Big Brother together last year. Stephanie announced she was pregnant shortly after the romance ended and Jeremy has insisted he is not the father of the baby despite opposing claims from the brunette beauty.

The 23-year-old is now into her fifth month of pregnancy and her close pals have been very supportive of her through out the pregnancy, with one particular friend even making a visit to a psychic to ask about her due date.

“My friend saw a psychic the other day and they told her I wouldn’t make my due date.” she wrote in her weekly OK! magazine column. “I would be made up with a Christmas baby! It would be like the best present ever.”

It's not long now!
It’s not long now!

Stephanie also went on to say that she went to an antenatal class last week and found out that her baby is still in full health.

“I had my antenatal last week and my little man is doing just fine.” she said. “His heartbeat is a bit too fast but the midwife said that’s probably because he’s so active. They checked it again before we left and everything is fine.”

Stephanie Davis

The reality star admitted that she’s currently suffering from terrible nightmares as a side effect of her pregnancy.

“I don’t know what’s happening but I’ve been having the worse night terrors ever! They’re horrendous!” she said.

“I’m great in the day but when I go to sleep I’m reliving everything and I’m waking up in panic. The other night my legs were gone and I was holding on to the side, my mum had to come and rub my back. I’ve heard your dreams are move vivid when you’re pregnant too so I bet that’s not helping. It’s probably why I’ve been extra tired in the day.”


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