Stephanie Davis shares a sad moment from her recent baby scan

The reality star is in her final month of pregnancy.

Steph reveals the sad moment she experienced at her scan.
Steph reveals the sad moment she experienced at her scan.

Stephanie Davis is preparing to give birth to her first son next month. All is on track for a healthy delivery but she’s just received news from a recent scan that caused her heartbreak.

The reality star revealed in her blog for OK! Magazine that her little boy is right on course with his development and is set to be born a perfectly healthy baby. However, it wasn’t all good news for the mum-to-be.

Stephanie was disappointed when she was told at the scan that she couldn’t see her baby’s face as his head was positioned downwards. Instead her midwife assured her that they will keep an eye him and booked her in for another scan before Christmas.

She's just weeks away from giving birth
She’s just weeks away from giving birth

“I had my latest growth scan in preparation and I can officially confirm by baby is all ready to go! On the growth chart he’s already above the average line and we’ve still got weeks to go – he’s going to be one healthy boy! I just can’t wait to meet him now.

“I was a bit sad at this appointment though as I didn’t get to see my baby the way I usually do. His head is down and preparing to come into the world so we probably won’t be able to see his face from now on.

“They’ve booked me in for another appointment before Christmas to keep a close eye on us both,” she said.

She's experiencing Braxton Hicks pains.
She’s experiencing Braxton Hicks pains.

Steph also disclosed in her blog that she’s been suffering with Braxton Hicks contractions lately and they’re causing her a lot of pain, so much in fact that she can’t sleep and feels her little one may come early.

“It’s all going on too – the pressure has started now and I’ve been speaking to my midwife about Pelvic Girdle pain. She’s given me a few exercises to do and has given me something to wear to help relieve the pressure – I’m full on waddling now!

“I’ve also started to experience Braxton Hicks which keep waking me up in the night! They are painful but it didn’t compare to what I recently went through in hospital. I honestly can’t imagine my baby making it to my due date, the pains and him are so strong now I’m convinced he will come early,” she said.

We hope her last month goes well.

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