Samantha Mumba reveals why she wants to homeschool her daughter

"It's just the most realistic option."

Samantha with daughter Sage VIP Ireland
Samantha with daughter Sage VIP Ireland

Samantha Mumba has revealed that she plans to homeschool her daughter.

The singer revealed that when the time comes, she feels it is the best option for three-year-old Sage.

When the 36-year-old described her little girl as her ‘best friend’ the hosts asked whether she’ll struggle when she goes off to school.

“We’re probably going to do the homeschooling thing in America,” she revealed.

The star moved to LA twelve years ago and is married to a former Policeman, who now works in security.

When asked if homeschooling was ‘overdoing’ it, she revealed that the process is very different in the US.

“No, absolutely not and I understand why you’re saying that,” she said.

Samantha Mumba. PIC: Brian McEvoy
Samantha Mumba. PIC: Brian McEvoy

“In Ireland and England, it wouldn’t be as common a situation, whereas in LA where we live it’s actually incredible.

“There is a homeschooling teacher that comes once a week to check in make sure they are on point, they do weekly activities with other homeschooled kids so that they are making friends and having that social interaction which is so important.”

Samantha added that wouldn’t necessarily do the same if she lived in Ireland or the UK.

“If I lived over here it would probably be different, and we have a few years but that is the direction we’re going in, and with my schedule, it’s just the most realistic option.”

“She’s a very clever little girl so she’ll thrive.”

The star was also asked if gun culture contributes to the decision to teach her daughter at home, she said: “It’s not something I think of on a daily basis, but certainly.  For us, as a parent, you do what’s best for your child.”

The Body II Body singer also revealed she has no plans to expand her little family of three.

“As of now, I have no plans to, I’m very happy with my little love,” she said.

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