Pippa O’Connor gets emotional about being pregnant: “I just feel so lucky to be having another child”

The model announced the news on Monday

Pippa is going to be a mum again
Pippa is going to be a mum again

Pippa O’Connor has opened up about her news that she is expecting a baby on her blog, telling her followers she will be updating them weekly on her pregnancy and maternity style.

The model mum announced on Monday evening that she will be giving birth again, and said her, husband Brian Ormond and 2-year-old son Ollie are thrilled.

“It’s such a relief to share it with everyone,” she wrote. “The first 3 months feels so long when you’re trying to hide it. You feel so different and you think everyone knows straight away when obviously they don’t, you’re just conscious of it.

“When I got pregnant with Ollie I don’t think I started to show until maybe 4 months. On your second though it’s so different. Your body literally snaps back into pregnancy mode and your bump shows so much earlier.”

HOW cute is her announcement!
HOW cute is her announcement!

She added: “Also I just knew I was pregnant pretty much straight away. With Ollie I hadn’t a clue but this time my instinct told me right away that I was. Its so strange how you can just have a feeling.”

The popular blogger said she hasn’t been ill since becoming pregnant, but is feeling extra tired lately.

“I haven’t suffered from any morning sickness thankfully (bar one dodgy day) but I did feel exhausted from about week 6 to 10,” she said. “I remember being the same with Ollie. It’s like a hungover foggy feeling constantly. So needless to say I’m so glad that’s passed and I’m feeling energised again.”

She revealed that her and Brian have explained the news to Oliie by telling him there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy.

Pippa & Brian are adding to the family!
Pippa & Brian are adding to the family!

“I’m not sure he gets it yet though. There’s plenty of time for us to get him used to the idea,” she said. “I think he’ll be great though. He loves babies, he’s always so kind and careful around them so I can not wait to see him as a big brother.”

And writing about whether she’d rather to have a boy or girl, she said: “The truth is I really don’t mind as long as baby is healthy I couldn’t care less. I just feel so lucky to be having another child. God I’m sounding too emotional now – on that note I’ll say goodbye!”

Yesterday, we met Pippa at the Centra Christmas event where we asked her if she’d consider establishing a maternity fashion line.

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