Marty Morrissey insists he’s no ladies man – he’s very much loved-up!

The RTE star says his girlfriend of over 20 years is his "rock"

Over the years, RTE correspondent Marty Morrissey has made a bit of a name for himself as a ladies’ man. Marty, known as much for his charming ways as his year-long tan, has been branded with a talent for chatting up the ladies ever since he tried his Irish luck at interviewing Cindy Crawford at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and announced his “crush” on top model Georgia Salpa.

But the GAA reporter has now addressed these claims, insisting he’s happily loved up with his girlfriend of over 20 years, pictured here at the 2010 TVnow Awards in a rare public appearance.

The pair made a rare public appearance at the 2010 TVnow awards
The pair made a rare public appearance at the 2010 TVnow awards

Marty stated that he simply enjoys “banter” with both sexes and is in no way flirtatious in his intentions. “Look, I love a bit of fun, having a bit of craic. I wouldn’t consider myself a ladies’ man at all, far from it,” he said.

Speaking to the RTE Guide, he also mentioned the strong bond he has with his partner of more than two decades, Liz.

The tv star credits Liz with keeping him grounded and believes the differences between them compliment each other; “She is a very private person, she’s my rock and confidante.”

The RTE favourite has also recently proved that he must have very thick skin. After being branded as “ugly” by an RTE sports panel and constantly having to put up with radio imitations and slamming, he simply brushes off any slander, laughing: “Don’t they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?”

Marty Morrissey
The RTE star doesn’t take what people say seriously

Clearly he has an unshakable self-confidence, developed over years of being in front of the camera and working his way up through the broadcasting ranks. This can often be mistaken for arrogance or in this case, excessive charm, far from the humble attitude of the Clare native.

From the sounds of things, the couple are solid as a rock and it will be a difficult feat for another woman to turn his head anytime soon. That is, expect for his mother – like all mammies, she’s quick off the mark to advise her son on everything from fashion to finance.

He remarks: “She doesn’t like me wearing black jackets all the time.” And like a typical Irish son, he just nods his heads and does it anyway.

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