Marian Keyes has one request about upcoming Netflix adaptation

Marian Keyes Pic: Dean Chalkley

Marian Keyes is just a legend in the Irish literary scene.

And she has never let us down with her incredible novels.

So she certainly doesn’t want to let us down with her TV adaptations.

Her 2020 novel Grown Ups is being adapted into a Netflix series and she has one big request when it comes to the show.

Marian Keyes with husband Tony Baines

Speaking at Hay Festival, she said: “It would be so, so nice if they use people who can do Irish accents.

We’ve all seen some pretty dodgy accents over the years from Tom Cruise to Gerard Butler to Julie Roberts, our accents have been butchered time and time again.

Marian agrees, gushing: “I mean, the accents are just… I weep! I am corroded with pain!

“If I really am executive producer of Grown Ups it means that I can choose.”

Marian Keyes
Pic: Marian Keyes/Instagram

She also would like to appear in the show and she wouldn’t be the first author to have a cameo!

“I’d also like a cameo. And my mother wants one as well. The most realistic place we could be would be a chemist. We both enjoy bad health. That’s what we want.”

We would love to see it!

The book and show are both based on three couples – Nell and Liam, Cara and Ed, Jessie and Rory, like most families, the Caseys are a complicated bunch. Ever-shifting politics. Old and new resentments. Arguments that blow over quickly and hurts that are nursed forever. They’re loyal. Noisy. And bound together by a whole lot of love.

The series will drop on Netflix in 2026.

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