Maia Dunphy’s surprising confession about the first time she met hubby Johnny Vegas

We weren't expecting this!

It's a good thing she changed her mind
It’s a good thing she changed her mind

Maia Dunphy has made a surprising confession about the first time she met her hubby, Johnny Vegas, revealing that she wasn’t too keen on him at all!

The couple have been married since 2011, and have a son together, but that’s not how she initially expected things to pan out.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Maia said, “When I first met Johnny, I didn’t think very much of him.

“He was on Podge & Rodge, and everybody wanted to go on the piss with him. I was thinking, ‘God, that guy’s a liability.’

“Two years later he came back and I asked him for an interview for a newspaper.

Maia wasn't mad about him when they first met
Maia wasn’t mad about him when they first met

“The interview never got done – our tea was swapped for drinks and we went on the tear for about 12 hours. We had so much fun.”

Maia’s opinion of Johnny was quickly changed, and revealed that his charm won her over.

“He texted me asking if he could take me for a meal. When I got home, there was a handwritten card with a wax seal with my initials on the back in this beautiful calligraphy.

“He said how nice it was to meet me and how much he was looking forward to dinner,” she said.

The happy couple
The happy couple

The lovely gesture’s didn’t stop there, as the die-hard romantic went on to shower her in gifts of things they had spoken about when they first met.

“He gave me this bag of individually wrapped presentments, things that I’d mentioned. My lip liner that had cracked, some movie I’d never seen… I had forgotten I’d mentioned them. It was really, really sweet.

“I never looked back. No one ever believes it, but he still does things like that. He’s a die-hard romantic,” she said.

Aww – how sweet?

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