EXCLUSIVE! Maia Dunphy tells us how her marriage has changed since having a baby

Maia Dunphy opens up to VIP about how her and Johnny Vegas' relationship has transformed!

Presenter Maia Dunphy and comedian Johnny Vegas have been described as an ‘unconventional couple’. They’ve been married since 2011 but only moved in together recently.

Maia looks stunning in our shoot this month |Emily Quinn

Maia moved to London to be with Johnny when she became pregnant. Since the birth of their baby boy Tom, they have gone through many changes, both as parents and as a co-habitting couple. She told VIP that it’s been a big adjustment in their relationship living together because for the last seven years they were only able to see each other at the weekend.

“Now that we live together, we just hate each other! ” she laughed. “We had seven years together with every weekend being like a mini holiday, whereas now, no one has cleaned up after breakfast, the dishwasher is broken, the toilet is blocked…”

What a beauty! |Emily Quinn


Despite the big changes however, Maia says that they still find time for humour in their relationship, but it’s not a barrel of laughs all the time. “We get on really well and humour is a really important part of our relationship, and always has been, and hopefully always will be, but we’re realistic-it’s not a laugh a minute.”

All smiles, despite the tiredness of being a new mum. |Emily Quinn


Naturally, having a baby changes things in a relationship, but again this famous couple learns to find the funny side among the stress, and we commend them for that. “When you’re knackered, and covered in baby sick, the last thing you need is a joke..well, actually, that’s when you probably need humour most!” Hear, hear!

Check out the tv star’s full interview in this month’s VIP Magazine, out on shelves now.

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