Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas open up about their newfound parenthood!

The couple take to Twitter to discuss the ups and downs of having a new baby...

Maia and Johnny aren't afraid to talk openly and honestly..
Maia and Johnny aren’t afraid to talk openly and honestly..

Maia Dunphy and her husband Johnny Vegas welcomed their baby boy Tom Laurence to the world last week, and now the pair have taken to social media to discuss the trials and tribulations of being new parents.

Ever since announcing the news that little Tom is “7lb 2 ounces of nonstop pooing,” the pair have been sharing their ups and downs of parenthood, with some humour added in for good measure.

The pair broke the news with this pic. How TEENY TINY are these shoes!
The pair broke the news with this pic. How TEENY TINY are these shoes!

Maia is still getting to grips on everything to do with motherhood, and was sure not to take herself too seriously, especially when it comes to feeding the baby.

“Can’t go out in public until I work out how to breastfeed without taking all my clothes off,” she said.

Maia has also been noting the origins of everyone’s favourite baby cream, and was sure to share her delightful findings with the world:

Picture 4

While the presenter’s been reading up about where an array of baby products come from, Johnny’s been commenting on the joys of lactation and his severe lack of sleep: “As an insomniac with new baby who can’t lactate, I feel I can empathise with Wham’s Andrew Ridgeley. Keen to do my bit but…”

The pair being so busy looking after little Tom and Maia is in no hurry to change up her look again, tweeting a tongue-in-cheek comment, “First person to mention post baby body gets a slap.” You’ve got to admire her honesty!

The couple have been inundated with comments since they announced the news of their little arrival, and the well-wishes haven’t gone unnoticed.

“Overwhelmed by all the lovely messages on here! So nice for a weepy Mama to read!” Maia said.

So cute!
So cute!

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