Louise McSharry talks about lockdown with two children; “in the end it was good for us”

louise mcsharry

The past year of lockdowns has been tough on everyone, but for anyone with young children at home it has been particularly challenging! Although it has been great to spend more time with our loved ones at home, it hasn’t always been easy to live in such close quarters.

In a new interview, Louise McSharry opened up about spending the pandemic at home with her husband, Gordon and their two boys, Sam who’s four, and Ted who is two.

Speaking with the RTE Guide the RTE 2DM DJ said; “At first we didn’t have a shape on the day but the we divided it up, so one of us would work in the morning and the other in the afternoon.”

louise mcsharry

“Whoever had the kids would try and take them out and keep them busy. It was hard, but I kept thinking of people that were in much worse situations than mine. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t have times when I felt really sorry for myself.”

Chatting about how this impacted her relationship with her husband Louise shared; “It was initially fairly fraught, but I actually think in the end it was good for us.”

louise mcsharry
louise mcsharry

Continuing Louise said; “When you have small kids your lives are so busy, at home it’s go go go. I can’t stay up long after the kids go to bed, I’m so tired, so by the time you sit down together you might not have the energy for a conversation.”

“But because we were both working from home we’d have lunch together or a coffee together so we got to talk a lot more and that was really good. It seems that it went one way or another for people in their relationships,” she added.

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