Louise McSharry discusses parenting two young boys

Louise McSharry Pic: Brian McEvoy

Louise McSharry is the proud parent to her two sons, Sam and Ted.

The podcaster is happy to get into the swing of things as school returns. Although only her eldest son, seven-year-old Sam is in school, she’s ready to get a routine back in place.

She jokes about “back to school relief” as she chats to us on the red carpet at the Hayu STELLAR InstaStar Awards.

I’m very lucky that my son’s school doesn’t have a uniform and we don’t have to buy books. So there was very little to prepare! It was nice for him to return, he was ready, I was ready. It was nice,” she admits.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

She confesses that getting back into a routine is just as important for her.

“I have about a million emails right now. When you’re trying to balance everything something has got to give and that’s what gave for me this summer.

“I was definitely behind, so I did a lot of days working at 6am and after the kids went to bed. But I feel very lucky that I was able to spend the summer with the kids. It’s not something I’ll complain about but it’s nice to get back into a routine.”

Louise has always been open with her sons about the world, bringing them to Pride Marches over the summer and discussing the realities of life with her sons.

Louise McSharry

She adds that they’re “becoming actual boys” so it’s important that they’re not sheltered from the world. We ask had she always planned to parent her boys so openly or is it just something that happened naturally.

“My experience of parenting is that you think about everything you do. Except the things you’re not proud of, like when you lose your temper,” she confesses.

“I definitely considered it. But even if I didn’t, I think this is how I would parent because that’s just who I am. I really want my children to contribute positively to the world. I think being respectful and open-minded to other people is a part of that.”

Dead right, Louise.


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