Louise McSharry slams Cheryl’s ‘bodyshaming’ comments: “I’m actually livid over this bullsh*t”

The 2FM DJ was NOT happy with the singer's remarks.

Louise has taken to Twitter for a rant on Cheryl's weight comments
Louise has taken to Twitter for a rant on Cheryl’s weight comments

X Factor star Cheryl Vernadez Fersini made the news today for defending herself against critics ‘skinny shaming’ her, and 2FM DJ Louise McSharry was not impressed with her remarks.

The popstar opened up about the constant speculation around her super slim frame, slamming the “crazy double standards” with reporting on body types.

“You’d never be allowed to say to somebody, “Oh, you look a bit fat.” And being overweight is unhealthy – it’s actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look “curvy” or “great”,’ she told In Style magazine.

Cheryl has been in the media for her super slim frame recently
Cheryl has been in the media for her super slim frame recently

Radio star Louise was clearly incensed by her comments, and took to Twitter to unleash her fury in a no-holds barred rant. Tweeting Cheryl directly, she wrote: “People tell fatsos that we’re fat all the time. Nice to know you don’t want us to get compliments.”

She continued: “I’m actually livid over this bullsh*t. Fat people aren’t even allowed to be told that they look good? F*ck off. I’m sorry that people are giving Cheryl abuse over her body, but it’s not cool for her to turn around on others then.

“Having lived her whole life as a thin beautiful woman body-shaming must have come as a shock to her but some of us live with it every day. Oh my god my actual rage.”

Louise then posted a series of snaps of her, including photos with new husband Gordon Spierin, captioned: “HERE I AM AND I LOOK F*CKING GREAT.”

“I’m ending this rant now, but fat people, I love you and I will fight your corner to the bitter f*cking end,” she added.

Remind us never to get on the feisty presenter’s bad side!

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