Louise McSharry gets honest about body positivity in latest Instagram post

Louise McSharry is known for her straight-forwardness on almost any topic.

The radio DJ has just started a new show on 2FM after coming back from maternity leave and no subject is off-limits.

One topic she frequently discusses on social media is body positivity. Louise has always been open about her own struggles with self-acceptance and today she shared something would resonate with any woman.

Starting a new show as she has, comes with publicity, which includes interviews and photographs. For someone who is such a pro at make-up selfies, we were surprised to hear that Louise struggles with a photoshoot.

She has shared that her body has changed since having her second child and she is still getting used to how she looks, so a photoshoot exacerbates those negative thoughts.

“I don’t usually mind, but at the moment I’m having a hard time looking at myself. My body has changed since having Ted, and an autumn and winter inside snuggling him has understandably resulted in an increase in size.”

This honesty is something we so rarely see, especially on Instagram but this is exactly what Louise does best. Opening up and being vulnerable is not easy but the way she handles topics like this make it less difficult for others struggling with their own self-acceptance.

“I’m struggling with it. It’s a familiar feeling, a struggle I had for thirty years before I found a way to appreciate my body for things other than the way it looks and the way clothes look on it. I know now that my value is not my size. But I’m still struggling. I’m wondering again if people are looking at me thinking ‘oh she’s gained weight’. Or ‘she’s just TOO big now’.”

We think she looks as stunning as always, but we applaud her for sharing her insecurities and opening up about them. She closed off her post with a powerful message;

“I deserve to live, no matter what my body looks like. That’s what I would tell you, so that’s what I have to tell myself. It’s ok to struggle. This will pass. But I can’t let it stop me.”

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