Confused? The who’s who of Kin in Kinsella family tree

Kin is back for a second season and we are glued to the weekly drama.

However, if like us, you are slightly confused about who is who in the Kinsella family then worry not as we’re here to break it down for you.

The series has a stacked cast including Clare Dunne, Aidan Gillen, Sam Keeley, Emmett Scanlan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Charlie Cox and newcomer Yasmin Seky.

That means there are plenty of characters. So here’s a breakdown of how they are all related.

First Generation

In the first generation of the Kinsella family, we have siblings Bren, Frank and Birdie.

Bren has just been released from prison and is a pretty dangerous character. The head of the Kinsella gang is played by Francis Magee.

Bren Pic: RTÉ

Frank, played by Aidan Gillen, had quite the tough season one. And it looks like his woes are far from over in season two.

Frank Pic: RTÉ

Meanwhile, Birdie, the only sister, has been cleaning up her brothers’ mess for years. She is the voice of reason throughout all the generations.

Bren Pic: RTÉ

Second generation

In the second generation we have brothers Jimmy and Michael. Then we have their cousin Eric AKA Viking.

Jimmy and Michael are the sons of Bren, while Eric is Frank’s son.

Jimmy, played by Emmett Scanlan, is married to Amanda and is the soldier of the family. While he had no plans to take charge, with Bren now out of jail it looks like Jimmy will be forced into a position he didn’t want.

Jimmy Pic: RTÉ

Michael was released from jail at the start of season one and wanted to clean up his act. But family comes first for the Kinsellas and he’s right back into his mess once again. Charlie Cox plays Michael.

Michael Pic: RTÉ

Eric, played by Sam Keeley, went to jail at the end of season one but not even being put behind bars can make him see sense. He’s even more cocky in season two now he has the backing of his Uncle Bren.

Eric Pic: RTÉ

We also have Jimmy’s wife, Amanda who is played by Clare Dunne. Throughout the first season, Amanda made her stake in the Kinsella family clear and is practically ruling the entire empire by the time we get into season two.

Amanda Pic: RTÉ

Viking also has a girlfriend, Nikita played by Yasmin Seky. Nikita is much smarter than anyone in the Kinsella family or beyond can perceive.

Nikita Pic: RTÉ

Third generation

Jimmy and Amanda are the proud parents of Anthony and Jamie.

Jamie Pic: RTÉ

Jamie is tragically murdered in season one causing Amanda to become much more involved in the gang business.

Anthony Pic: RTÉ

Michael has an estranged daughter Anna, however, after he was released from prison he reconnected with the teenager. While they still have a strained relationship, it is much more open than before.

Anna Pic: RTÉ

Kin continues on RTÉ One on Sunday nights at 9.30pm

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