Kathryn Thomas is a busy bee as filming for Operation Transformation kicks off

Kathryn Thomas Pic: Brian McEvoy

While most people are winding down for the year, Kathryn Thomas is hitting her busiest season.

VIP Magazine caught up with the presenter and fitness lover at the eir VIP Publishing Power of Women awards where she revealed that she was back in front of the camera.

“We just started filming Operation Transformation,” she told us ahead of the event.

Yes, things are in full swing for her as she shared some of the details.

Kathryn Thomas

“So it’s already back in action. I was filming all of last week and this week. We are getting everything started and we’re going to be revealing our leaders soon. It kicks off in January,” she revealed.

There’s no rest for the wicked then.

“I had an easy summer,“ she reassures us, before adding, “but I was working on Pure Results.“

“We brought 30 women away on a retreat and we’re just about to launch our new season of Pure Results.

Pic: Instagram/Kathryn Thomas

“We have new incredible retreats lined up for 2023 and four new locations. We can’t wait to get going. We’re doing a hike, yoga, swim retreat this year. So it’s not just about fitness and weight loss, we are focusing solely on wellness. That’s a new offering from us as well.“

Okay, so when does she get any time for herself? We have to know.

“I don’t,“ she laughs.

As a mother to four-year-old Ellie and one-year-old Grace, she certainly has her hands full.

“My downtime is with my kids, it is that maniac mum-land. I do try to make sure to make time for my friends and my husband. I’m back sleeping again, Grace is sleeping through the night. When you have six hours of sleep it is amazing what you can do.“

Of course, she looks absolutely incredible as she walks the red carpet at the awards. Was it tough to get all glam with two tots running around?

It was all hands on deck she tells us.

Kathryn Thomas
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

“Christine Lucignano came to my house to do my makeup. I went down to ZINC in Kilmainham to get my hair blow-dried this morning. It was just kind of dropping Ellie off and picking her up,“ she explains.

“Padraig works from home on a Friday so he had the girls on his knee at one stage during a Zoom call. Then I just walked out the door and left it all to him.“

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