Karl Henry reveals top tips to stay motivated to achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Are you already thinking of giving up?

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Karl Henry has offered up some practical information to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Though it’s just over two weeks since 2018 kicked off, many people have already given up on their goal for various reasons.

So how do we make sure we stick to our challenges and achieve what we want? Fitness expert Karl Henry says: “It’s pretty simple”.

We spoke exclusively to the Operation Transformation star about the best way to keep motivated.

“Set the right goals”

“You need to spend a little bit of time doing that and map it out. Work out what type of goal you’re setting and use the SMART principle.

“That is making it specific, make it measured, you need to agree to do it, make it realistic and allow time.

“Things like LAYA’s Healthcoach make it easier because you get the app and they go through it with you to put proper plans in place.”


The trainer adds that being overambitious can be damaging because you lose motivation when you don’t meet your goals.

“If you want to lose a stone they’ll say lets try and do that over for example 7 weeks… or 10 weeks depending on the test you go through,” he told VIP.

“That’s a realistic timeframe then so you’ll achieve it if you break it down from there to say every week I need to lose a pound or a pound and a half.

“You look at how to do that. So you tie it in with food and keep a food diary and exercise three times a week and over a 10 or 14 weeks you lose a stone.”

Karl adds, that you can’t expect the results to happen overnight.

“It has to be longer than just the two/three weeks, it’s not an instant thing.

“Surround yourself with people who will enable you to hit that goal”

The Operation Transformation coach explained that who you surround yourself with can make a big difference.

“We get our clients to sit down with their family and friends and you tell them you want to work towards this goal.

“So if your friends go to the pub every week, you’re probably going to the pub every week too.”

Pictured at the launch of healthcoach by laya healthcare is Leading Irish personal trainer and lifestyle coach Karl Henry
Pictured at the launch of healthcoach by laya healthcare is Leading Irish personal trainer and lifestyle coach Karl Henry

He adds that it’s not about changing your friend group, but that joining forces with people who are in the same boat can help.

“I’m not saying drop your friends obviously, but you have to surround yourself with the right people to hit those goals.

“So set up a Whatsapp group or sign up to a structured programmed.  Just go for something approachable and sensible.”

He added: “If you work 5 or 6 days a week and you’re trying to do five or six days of exercise that’s probably not going to happen.”

The advice is simple, be realistic, dedicate time and get support.

Karl is an ambassador for Laya healthcare’s Healthcoach, a  private health insurance benefit that gives members access to a face-to-face consultation with a coach who will design a personalised 8-week health programme for them.

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