Karl Henry hits out at bloggers who give unqualified fitness advice

The Operation Transformation star said he's concerned that people are getting the wrong information.

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Karl Henry has hit out at bloggers and social media personalities who provide health information without being qualified.

The Operation Transformation trainer has said that it concerns him that so many people are getting the wrong information from people who are not experts.

Though he praised fitness apps and online workout videos, he said that people should ensure the person they are following has a degree.

“If you’re going to follow somebody, first of all they have got to be qualified,” he said, speaking exclusively to VIP Magazine.

“I have an issue with bloggers and insurance.

“Basically they are posting health and fitness content, but they are not qualified, therefore they are not insured.

“It’s going to blow at some stage, and I’ve a big issue with that.”

Karl Henry
Karl Henry

The personal trainer shared a similar sentiment on social media recently, telling followers it worries him.

“I really hope all the bloggers dishing out health and fitness advice have good insurance policies!

“Giving unqualified advice comes with consequences when people follow it, always scares me when I read some of the content put out there,” he said on Twitter.

Speaking to VIP he explained the precautions people can take to avoid these issues.

“Make sure they are qualified, that they are insured, and that they have a degree behind them – that one is really important.”

So if you want to work out at home but aren’t sure if you’re doing it right, what are your options?

“One of the important things is to get assessed,” the fitness expert explains.

“That’s where a personal trainer comes into it. That way you can get a programme that’s built specifically for you, rather than following it from a randomer on Instagram or Youtube.

“This way it’s more tailored for you as a person which is key.”

Karl is an ambassador for Laya healthcare’s Healthcoach, a  private health insurance benefit that gives members access to a face-to-face consultation with a coach who will design a personalised 8-week health programme for them.

“With Laya’s Healthcoach for example, you get to meet and be assessed by the health coach first, before you do anything with the app.”

To put it simply: “You have to work hard for results.”


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